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My name is Dr. Steve Knoernschild and I am a licensed chiropractic physician in the state of Illinois. I have been a chiropractor for 17 years and a certified DOT medical examiner for 2 1/2 years. After getting my CME certification, I was excited to use certain aspects of my chiropractic education that I had not been using as a chiropractor. I just felt the need to broaden my practice.

I had heard about the CME certification and that our country was facing a shortage of doctors who could do these DOT physicals. Common sense told me to go for it! I knew it would be a cash business. No dealing with insurance companies, no paying billing companies, and these patients WILL show up for their appointments! This is their livelihood. The reason I chose to go to Dr. Raker’s seminar was this… I wanted to not only understand how to market and perform DOT physicals better, I wanted to learn more about how to market and perform Non-DOT services as well. In fact, the Non-DOT branch is by far larger than the DOT branch.

There are so many opportunities in both branches to keep your practice very busy, BUT in order to do this you must learn how to bring in this business and know what kind of testing you can and cannot perform in your office. This is what Dr. Raker will show how to do. His very informative weekend seminar will give you all the nuts and bolts on how to start up and run a very successful DOT and non-DOT practice on top of your chiropractic practice.

Dr. Raker keeps his seminar fun and exciting, and he allows questions and open discussion throughout the duration. You really feel like part of a family. The investment in his course will pay off many, many times over. I can’t tell you how excited I am about the future! I don’t have to worry about insurance companies sending checks in the mail 2 months past the day of treatment, or getting denials. My bread and butter is now my DOT work.

I love my chiropractic patients, of course, but I also love my drivers as well. Trucking companies and self employed drivers love to see a chiropractor for these services. They know we will take our time with their physical and make sure to answer all of their questions and concerns, unlike the medical offices. I hear this from drivers all of the time! So open your mind to this type of work in your office. It is a great supplement to your chiropractic practice, and even can keep you busy fulltime if you work hard at it! You will not be sorry, BUT make sure you take Dr. Raker’s weekend course to really be successful. I promise you it will be the best investment you will have made in your practice.

Dr. Raker is a wonderful doctor and lecturer. He will not let you down. In fact, I think you are crazy not to take this course after working so hard for the certification. There are many drivers that need you in your area. Don’t wait any longer! Go for it! Call me anytime if you want a reference. Thanks for your time!

Sincerely, Dr. Knoernschild.

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January, 2017

Fellow DC’s 2017 brings a new year with new hope of prosperity and change. Truly there has never been a better time to be a DC.  With companies being mandated to buy services which DC’s can provide in ALL 50 states, there is $11 Billion dollars to split up amongst all of us. No one told you in school that the physical exam skills you learned could be applied in an Occupational setting did they? Or that the things you learned about lab tests, pulmonary function testing, simple vision testing with the Snellen eye chart, or hearing testing with the ear muffs that you had done when you was a child, were all Occupational tests which many companies are mandated to do by the government, and they pay CASH to get it done, and DC’s can do most these services in most the states. Does MANDATED PAYMENT OF CASH INCOME OF $20,000 TO $500,000 help any DC see the light that they should work with and be a partner of industry to get ahead? How about being made the company doctor, to have a company send every single injured worker to you? How’s that for clout, respect, partnership with Corporate America? Isn’t that what every DC wants as they wonder “ Why doesn’t everyone know that they should send their injured workers to us chiro’s to get the best care?”

It’s because you haven’t provided the things that companies need by mandate, to get “in the door” and be part of the team. They just don’t know what you can do, because frankly you haven’t stepped up to the plate and offered them enough services to get their attention. THEY DON’T REALLY KNOW WHAT WE DO!!

I can teach you about 12 services that companies have to pay cash for, and once they know you can do them many times leads to you taking over the ownership of being the company doctor for all their injuries, AND doing their WELLNESS programs. BUT you have to know enough, and be able to get started with the payable services before they will trust you and let you do their injuries or wellness programs. IT IS A TRUST ISSUE. Come learn the rules of the game. It’s easier to convince one company person to send you 100 or 1000 people than to have to convince 100 or 1000 people to come to you.

Dr Jim Raker

2-Day OccMed Seminar

This 2-day seminar course is to show the average DC that there is a need for many occupational health services from companies, all around them, due to government mandate. The government mandates about $3 Billion of healthcare services for companies to comply. This seminar will teach you how diagnostic evaluations with physicals, hearing testing, lung testing, drug and alcohol testing, vision testing for not only acuity, but color, depth perception and more is simple to learn how to do, and needed, to help companies comply with the government mandates on safety and wellness. They can be done in every town in America from small to large.

Weekly Forum

Dr. Raker added a weekly Forum conference call for 30 minutes for those Dr’s that sign up for the Seminar. This has been a huge success with questions and solutions for the Dr’s in the field.

You’re not alone, Dr. Raker can help you succeed.

Things You Probably didn’t know about Occupational Medicine by James Raker DC, CME, FADP

As I travel to chiropractic meetings, conventions, and speaking engagements, I am surprised that most DC’s do not know that there is a huge piece of healthcare pie that they can participate and get paid cash by companies across all of America. Occupational Healthcare is concerned with the safety and wellbeing of American workers. IS THAT NOT A FIELD THAT CHIROPRACTIC SHOULD BE INVOLVED IN???  Plus, the services that you can render to keep workers safe is paid directly by the companies. No insurance problems to deal with. Talk about a cash practice opportunity, this is it. However, I combine it with my regular chiropractic practice as a separate but helpful income stream.


I have been doing DOT physicals, drug testing, and alcohol testing for over 20 years. DC’s in all 50 states can do the drug and alcohol testing, and in 48 states can do the physicals. Why does no one know this?  The opportunity is huge. Consider these numbers. Prior to 2014, any MD, DO, DC, NP, or PA could do and sign off on a DOT physical. There were about 500,000 providers across the country (excluding Cardiologists, Neurosurgeons, and other specialists that would never do simple DOT physicals) that did DOT physicals. Then starting in April of 2014 the government required providers to take a 12 hour certification course and pass a test in order to do DOT physicals. Guess what happened? All the MD’s dropped out because they were to “busy” to do that. So what happened? The number of providers able to do DOT physicals is now down around 60,000 in all the US!!!  So all the work got funneled down to only 10% of the old pool of providers. My work load skyrocketed!  Every company in my town called me because I was one of the few certified providers. Pepsi, Coke, FedEx, Lowe’s, every trucking company, concrete company, garbage truck, electric company, cable company, telephone bucket trucks, etc… started calling my phone. I literally couldn’t put the phone down without it ringing for a week. Now, you may be thinking, I’m too late. The rush is over.  But fear not, there is still too much work, and more trucking jobs being created, than the 60,000 providers can handle. Plus there is another corporate market besides DOT business, that is 10X bigger that you can also tap into doing the same safety type services of drug and alcohol testing, hearing testing, pulmonary function testing, and much more, which pays well, in cash. It is possible to do over $10,000 in services in one day for a company and be handed a check. I have actually on 2 occasions done over $20,000 over the course of 3 days and gotten a check within 10 days, so the return on investment is better than PI, Work Comp, Weight Loss, or even cash prepay chiropractic plans because I’m done in 1-3 days with the work, I don’t have to adjust a patient for the next year to get to keep the money. There is ways to learn how to do this type of Occupational Work thru Diplomate programs at the colleges, or even picking up the basics thru weekend courses such as the one I teach. But the chiropractic profession should be the go to doctor for Corporate America for Safety and Wellness. Why would you deprive yourself of the ability to help companies keep a better workforce and get paid well doing it? It is exactly what Corporate America needs, and WE are the best profession to provide it. Get into the game!!

San Francisco Live Seminar is next on 2/20 and 2/21/16

In one weekend:

  • You’ll get 16 hours of California Chiropractic CE credits for your relicensing,.
  • Dr. Raker will give you the practical implementation system to get contracts with companies.
  • And you will be trained on all of the testing and get certified in drug screening. (DOT Examiner certification is not included)
  • Ongoing weekly support as you build your OccMed department.

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