January, 2017

Fellow DC’s 2017 brings a new year with new hope of prosperity and change. Truly there has never been a better time to be a DC.  With companies being mandated to buy services which DC’s can provide in ALL 50 states, there is $11 Billion dollars to split up amongst all of us. No one told you in school that the physical exam skills you learned could be applied in an Occupational setting did they? Or that the things you learned about lab tests, pulmonary function testing, simple vision testing with the Snellen eye chart, or hearing testing with the ear muffs that you had done when you was a child, were all Occupational tests which many companies are mandated to do by the government, and they pay CASH to get it done, and DC’s can do most these services in most the states. Does MANDATED PAYMENT OF CASH INCOME OF $20,000 TO $500,000 help any DC see the light that they should work with and be a partner of industry to get ahead? How about being made the company doctor, to have a company send every single injured worker to you? How’s that for clout, respect, partnership with Corporate America? Isn’t that what every DC wants as they wonder “ Why doesn’t everyone know that they should send their injured workers to us chiro’s to get the best care?”

It’s because you haven’t provided the things that companies need by mandate, to get “in the door” and be part of the team. They just don’t know what you can do, because frankly you haven’t stepped up to the plate and offered them enough services to get their attention. THEY DON’T REALLY KNOW WHAT WE DO!!

I can teach you about 12 services that companies have to pay cash for, and once they know you can do them many times leads to you taking over the ownership of being the company doctor for all their injuries, AND doing their WELLNESS programs. BUT you have to know enough, and be able to get started with the payable services before they will trust you and let you do their injuries or wellness programs. IT IS A TRUST ISSUE. Come learn the rules of the game. It’s easier to convince one company person to send you 100 or 1000 people than to have to convince 100 or 1000 people to come to you.

Dr Jim Raker

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