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Dr. James Raker DC, FADP, National Certified Medical Examiner and CEO of Ark-La-Tex Health Center, has been 25 years in private practice including Occupational health of several companies in Texarkana USA area. (Reduced recordable injuries of Lear Siegler Inc (a URS subsidiary with 1100 employees) by 75% over 2 years. From an 18 to under a 1 since 1999.

Dr. Raker been doing DOT work for over 18 years, and was one of the first doctors in the country to pass the DOT certification and become a Certified Medical Examiner for the Department of Transportation of the US government. Dr. Raker has been teaching Occupational Medicine services to his Peers since 2012 and has lectured in Arkansas, California, Texas, and Ohio. He is an approved provider and his seminar is approved for CE Credits in California.

In July of 2014 he became a Certified Wellness Instructor by the Foundation for Wellness Professionals.

Honors Include: Outstanding Young Man of America, 1988, International Chiropractic Association Pediatric Board, 1994, Chiropractor of the Year, 1994, Who’s Who Among Professionals, 1994, Who’s Who Among Outstanding Men, 1995, Manipulation Under Anesthesia Certification, 1992, Wrangler Pro Rodeo Sports Certification, 1993, International Chiropractic Association Pediatric Board, 1994, Scoliosis management Certification, 1994, Certified Diagnostic Physician, August, 1995, Fellow in the Academy of Certified Diagnostic Physicians (F.A.D.P.), August, 1996

Personal and Volunteer Activities He Enjoys: Kiwanis International, Wounded Warriors Project – taking disabled veterans on fishing trips in area.

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