How I made an additional $200K a year doing OccMed

How I made $200K a year doing DOT physicals, drug tests, more….

Doc,  Why would you ignore an easy to add service to your existing practice that can make you an income of over $10,000 a day? I have made over $200K in Occupational services (DOT Physicals, drug screens, alcohol testing, hearing testing, DNA testing, Pulmonary Function Testing with a spirometer, Fit testing of respirators, and more…..)  IN ADDITION TO MY REGULAR CHIROPRACTIC SERVICES each of the last 3 years. It’s good that 90% of the work can be done by a trained assistant while you do chiropractic. Better yet, it is all paid by employers, not insurance. Best of all, it’s CASH! No insurance, no audits, no refunds. I have proof in the form of checks, many over $5000, several over $10,000, and two over $20,000, for only 1-3 days of work, in which I only spent 3-4 hours of my time. My assistants did the rest. Don’t believe me?  Here’s the proof!



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