10 Reasons to do OccMed

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In this video Dr. Raker discusses the Golden Opportunity of OccMed! Watch below.


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1. It can be done by any DC, in any state.

2. It can be done in any town, whether big or small.

3. It is all CASH.  No insurance to deal with.

4. It can be done for very little start up costs.

5. Many of the services are mandated by the government. So companies              

    must buy them.

6. The number of Providers giving DOT physicals went from over 500,000

    to under 50,000 last year due to the new certification. There is now 10x

    the work for each doctor.

7. 90% of the work can be done by a trained assistant, and you don’t have

    be present.

8. It is possible to make over $20,000 in one day.

9. You can still do full time chiropractic work.

10. You could do this work as a retirement, or if you were disabled and still make a 6 figure income.