Q: I feel that I have a pretty good hold on the local business’ already sending me their drivers. I have account’s setup with them already and they pay me through direct deposit. The DMV sends me all the drivers that come in and needs an exam. My staff helps me with my exams to maximize our time. And I feel that your seminar is way too expensive for a two-day event.

A:  I am Dr. Jim Raker that teaches the OccMed Course. I appreciate the candid thoughts about the expense. Please indulge me for an answer on the next couple of questions. 1. Besides DOT physicals ( which is the most labor intensive for you and least money making service I teach), what other services do you provide in the Occupation medicine world? Do you do drug testing, alcohol testing, hearing testing, Pulmonary Function Testing, Respirator Fit testing, heavy metal testing, DNA testing, Vision testing, etc……  2. How much money per week are you making with OccMed services in general?

What I am trying to teach doctors is that there are many more services that you can do besides DOT physicals, and that some of the other services can make you a much greater revenue stream with NONE of your TIME!!  In fact physicals is the only thing you have to participate in, all the other services can be done by trained assistants whether you are present or not, making you money whether you are present or not so that your business is financial stable whether you are physically working or not. If you can show me that you have made checks like these I have attached in only 1 or 2 days of work, then you are doing as well as me, and do not need my help. If you are not, then spending a little now, could literally come back to you 20 fold. My proof is enclosed. Please let me know if I can help you learn how to do what I do. I have been made the company doctor for 2 local businesses that have over 900 employees due to my success with their OccMed programs. I am now starting to do those same companies work comp injuries, and will be initiating wellness programs for those companies. So it goes way beyond just some DOT physicals, and creates a very financially secure source of income to work with a company to get ALL their Business, not just a little piece.

Q:  Do you have a list of references that I can call that have successfully implemented your system?

A: On our website, we have a “testimonial” page with letters from Doctors who have taken the seminars. If you click on the individual letters, you will find that the phone numbers and addresses of the Doctors are on the testimonial stationary. Feel free to call them regarding our seminars.

Here is a direct link to that page:


Q: I would like to know more about the seminar to determine if it will be worth the $1,750 for both days.  Is there something that you can tell me now that will justify the cost of attendance?

A: I am Dr James Raker. I teach the Occmed seminar that Dr. Meeks has invited you too. I will include some attachments about the seminar and me for you to look over. The short story is I have learned how to do OccMed services in small to large towns to make a very good income stream. I teach you how to do about 12 OccMed services that companies pay cash to have done, most by government mandate. If you do DOT physicals you are familiar with government mandates. However, physicals are the most time consuming on your part and the least financially rewarding. I can show you the proof of how to provide services where in 1 day you can make over $10,000. In my case I have 2 checks over $20,000 for 1-3 days of work. I will attach the checks and a testimonial from a doctor I taught in Ohio in a town of 1800 people who has made over $40,000 this year and not even tried his hardest. Call him to ask him if my weekend is worth it.

Q: I work for a company that gets contracts for places and sends them to me to do exams.  I don’t know what they charge, but they pay me $25 per exam.  All of the paperwork is computerized, so I just input my results and they do the rest.  Another place I did some exams for paid me $35 per exam, but I had to do a little more paperwork.  

I know that most of the clinics around me, charge close to $80 per exam.  

When I get walk-ins or referrals, I charge $100 per exam.  The people I have seen have had no problem paying it and I do get repeat customers every 1-2 years.

My problem is that I do not know how to find more clients to do more DOT exams.  I am very interested to go to the seminar, but my output from DOT exams is so low that I am worried about investing too much without actually finding a solution.  I have been to too many seminars where they give a very basic and generic marketing plan that is simply unrealistic.  I already do a great deal of rehabilitation therapy and have been doing DOT exams for close to 5 years, so I know the tests and therapies.  I am simply missing the clientele.

A: I understand your situation completely. I can tell you this. I can tell you how to market and get more business for free. A lot more business. Doing physicals at $25 or $35 dollars is ripping you off when the others are paying $100. They are charging the $100 and keeping $75 while you do all the work. NO NO NO. Plus the physicals are the most time consuming and least money. All the other services I teach can be done by your assistant, and they potentially can pay you 10-20 times more than you are making now. There is money to be made if your physical has elevated sugar in the urine, or if he can’t hear the whisper test, or if he need a sleep apnea test, or several other services that you should be providing to make extra revenue.

I promised you an easy trick to help you. This little trick got me a phone call yesterday from a trucking company in my town that has 1,000 drivers and they called me to a meeting today, just because of this trick. Log on to your Federal DOT website where you are listed as a DOT Certified provider. You will notice there is boxes to fill in with your name, address, and other info. Somewhere in a box you don’t need to fill in, you can put the dollar sign and cost of what you want to charge. I suggest $80 or 90 if everyone else is charging $100. Go to the DOT website and pull up my name and look at where I put the dollar cost in the blanks. People looking for a doctor will see your cost and go to you.



Q: I have looked at your website and interested in developing contracts.  I am in a fairly competitive area.  How much detail is taught with structuring of these types of contracts?

A: I do not have a contract. I usually just have a price list and a handshake they will use me. However, once I get that agreement, some larger firms do want the prices put into a formal contract type written agreement, in which case I just type a simple agreement that spells out the general services I will be providing, the contacts of both mine and the other company, how I’m to bill them and how they are to pay me (30 days from invoice is usual), and uses the price list as an attachment. Pretty short and simple.

Q:  How do I get business from companies?

A: That is a large part of our seminar, marketing each thing and the power of marketing a multi-service “one stop shop” is the key to getting business.

Q: I have just started taking the DOT course work and I stumbled upon your site while search on how to market myself. I see you offer weekend seminars, but do you offer any online training instead?

A: We do not currently offer online training, but it is something we are looking into. We will keep you posted.