Seminar Itinerary

OccMed Seminar – DOT & Non-DOT Evaluations & Testing thru your Office

If you are NOT DOT Certified, we can get you started.

All services are CASH, there is no insurance involved. No audits, No recoupments.

No waiting months or years for payment.

No physical abuse to your body like adjusting 50 people a day.

You can do this if you are disabled or no longer adjusting.


What you will learn:

  • What you need to know to get started NOW!
  • How to competently provide DOT Examinations and Diagnostic Tests.
  • How to competently provide Non-DOT Occupational Examinations and Diagnostic Tests.

Day 1 (8 hours) – DOT

Doctors this is where the rubber meets the road with 14 million DOT drivers. A must know ground floor for Occupational Medicine

  1. How to do Physicals– (would be helpful to be DOT certified, but not required to attend) How to do a real life physical in real time. What to look for, what additional services to offer after doing the physical. How to get additional information from the drivers other treating doctors.
  2. Drug collection certification – Leave with a collector certification for DOT drug collections. After all, companies want a one stop shop, not to send their drivers to two or three different places to get them on the road.
  3. Alcohol testing– What to do, what equipment to buy. Again, part of the one stop shopping program.
  4. Additional services – Services that would normally be referred out, YOU CAN DO! (HgA1c for diabetic drivers, PFT for drivers with lung problems, cleaning ears out for hearing test, Sleep apnea home testing and more).
  5. Diet/Weight loss– To help with blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, etc…
  6. Stop smoking – Learn a new simple method to help people with smoking cessation.


Day 2 (8 hours) – Non DOT     

10X the size of DOT. You must know DOT to really make this work. Would not recommend taking this course without taking Part 1 first.

  1. Physicals – Several different kinds.
  2. Drug Screens – In DOT, there was only urine drug screens sent to a lab. In non-DOT, there is urine, hair, fingernail, some to labs, some are done instantly.
  3. Hearing testing – Who needs hearing testing? How can I get equipment? How can I help industry on recordable injury rates?
  4. Pulmonary Function Testing– Who needs it? Who can do it?
  5. Respirator Fit Testing– Who needs it? Who can do it?
  6. Heavy Metals testing-Why this would be needed and how can you provide it.
  7. DNA Testing– Who orders this? Who pays for this?
  8. Vision testing– Stereoscopic, color by Farnsworth or Ishihara testing, close, far
  9. Hand dexterity testing


Day 1 is $1000

Day 2 is $1000


If you register now for both, it’s $1750, a savings of $250


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