Continuing Education Credits

California – Approved for 16 hours of Continuing Education for Chiropractors.

Day 1:  Group A (Mandatory) – 2 hours and Group B (General Subjects) – 6 hours

Day 2:  Group A (Mandatory) – 1 hours and Group B (General Subjects)  – 7 hours

The OccMed Seminar has been approved by the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners for continuing education for Chiropractors. Day One of the seminar gives you 2 hours towards Group A – Mandatory, and 6 hours towards General Subject Categories. Day Two of the seminar gives you 1 hours towards Group A – Mandatory, and 7 hours towards General Subject Categories.

Chiropractors requirements are:

Continuing Education


24 hours of Continuing Education is required for licensees expiring on or after June 8, 2013

Pursuant to the 24 hour requirement:

– 2 hours must be completed in: Ethics and Law

– 4 hours must be completed in any one of, or combination of the following subject categories: History Taking and Physical Examination Procedures, OR Chiropractic Adjustive Techniques, OR Chiropractic Manipulation Techniques, OR Ethical Billing and Coding

– 18 hours may be completed in General Subject Categories

– A maximum of twelve (12) continuing education hours may be completed through distance learning

Taking both days of this seminar gives you your 4 hours of Group A for History Taking and Physical Examination Procedures. Plus, you get 12 hours of your General Subject Categories. So register to join us today!